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Net Fests 2003
Just say NO! to inverted mice.

What is this Net-Fest comming to!?!?
At this Net-Fest, no computers
had to be repaired.
There were no pictures
of Waz giving the
at this Net-Fest.

The Allies Upstairs

Axis in the Basement

Left to Right: Mark, Deadbeat,

Front to Back: Mad Monk, pr0nv0znick, Japi

Yes, it's a slightly different photo!
Left to Right:
Mark, Deadbeat,

Looks like he dropped it on him.
Front to Back: Keith, Snowman, Japi

Left to Right: Steef-Junglist, MIA Guy

Left to Right: Keith, Windsinger, Mad Monk, Torgo's Uncle, Squeetly Sqooch

Left to Right: Mark,

Left to Right: Snowman, Lime Green Goth

Zeus explains how to die quickly in Counterstrike.
Left to Right:
Unknown, Unknown, Zeus

Deadbeat prepares to smash a keyboard.
Left to Right:
Coke Bottle, Keith, Morose Lucifer, Lime Green Goth, Deadbeat

Allied R&R on the Couch o' Lameness.
Left to Right: Keith, Torgo!, Kasta, Jesse, Silverfox

Axis relax on MAME.
Left to Right: Irrelevant, Sn0wman

L0rd Deadbeat

Those two are just too damn happy with their joysticks in hand...
Left to Right: Keith, Jesse

Nothing like hanging around the 'ole water heater,
swapping case-modding stories and over-clocking
horror stories.
Left to Right: Snowman, Japi, Torgo, Windsinger, Deadbeat

Left to Right: Unkown Soldier #3, Unkown Soldier #4

Maskingtape reminices with Windsinger on
previous Netfests he's been to.

Keith looking very interested at something...

Shroud looks confused as usual.
Left to Right: Lime Green Goth, Shroud

Left to Right: Katie, Zeus, Someone

Squeetly Sqooch

Front: Snapcase, Lesh
Back: Torgo's Uncle, pr0nvoznick

Left to Right: Epee, Mandroid

There's just something not right in this picture...
Left to Right: Torgo's Uncle, Deadbeat, Keith's Head, Japi

Snowman was our resource hog this Net Fest.

Kasta chows down in the Axis Bunker infront of the Classic Console Table.

Snapcase looks... Snappy.

Someone's coming out of the closet behind Mark's Back...
Mark plays Diablo II.
Keith relaxes after a busy day of pr0nning.

And now we're back with some
Stupidité d'Appareil-Photo

Asphyxophile and Monk Back-to-Back

Jessey and Monk's Back.


Hey everyone, pr0n's Back!
Windsinger's Butt.
I said BACK shots damnit!
Somebody's cover her Back!

Shroud and his uncle are Backing the Attack.

Fragger's Back.

Not Mark's Meat.


Not shown: 2 cases of BAWZ

Mark cooked us Carbonara on friday.

The evidence.


Torgo made a rib run on Saturday.
It was well appreciated by all.

Mark apparently had too much of the bullshit.

So what's worse, the humiliation shot or the fact that he's wearing an Intel shirt?

Someone throw that man a blanky.

Sleeping like a teddy-bear.
Cuddling him might be a bad idea however.

 I See Dead People... I'm Crushing Your Head...

That's Windsinger.

He must work for a Japanese company.

The simple push of a button...

Could take out an entire Allied team.

THIS was all anyone could think to play on the projector...
Talk about overkill.

Well, at least he won.

August 16th, 2003

A few firsts happened at this Net-Fest!

  • 28 working computers were in the house playing games, the most we've ever had!
  • Nobody had serious down-time fixing their computer.
  • Waz did not give the middle-finger when getting photographed.
  • Counterstrike was played.
  • Snowman admits to finding Windows useful.

So it was a good overall. We still seem to have issues with keeping the gaming going & organized, but we'll still work on this. It was nice to have the amount of folks for the gaming. We were able to have a complete internal match of Return to Castle Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory in the house!

There were also some great matches of Quake 3 Death Match, as well as Counterstrike.

Jason's house was plastered with the Battlefield 1942 Mocked WWII posters found on the net. Only a select few were printed, but they were equally fitting for Enemy Territory.

On friday, Mark cooked us some home made carbonara by request. It was good! he also supplied the BBQ'ing services for saturday. And saturday night. Torgo bought a huge batch of the famous ribs that everyone well enjoyed. A couple cases of BAWZ Caffeine drink were on hand as well, that stuff rules.

Japi had spent some time programming a Combat game for the NetFest to be played on the projector. It's an 8-player version using 8-joysticks via USB on a PC, using the Atari 2600 combat graphics & sounds. Unfortunatly, that never saw action since the projector area was used for table-space for more lan gamers! Not a complaint at all. Perhaps we'll set up the projector elsewhere for this game next time.

Puzzle Pirates. WTF.

With all the power being consumed by the amount of rigs present, some of the circuits in the house had possible subjectiveness to being blown. Only one circuit was blown during the party. Actually, it was power-strip that we blew. A severly linked-series of power strips in the basement triggered that. However, the possibilty of sabotage for the up-staris gamers was possible. The line powering the tabel of gamers there could be tripped by a single push of a button on the microwave in the kitch. Appropriate measures were taken to prevent this.

As usual, thanks for everyone for showing up. More thanks to those who brought food stuffs, this is very helpful and appreciated! A lot of food gets devoured at these things!