Top Scorer - George Baras with 2,832,200 @ 631 Rows

: ::: August 30, 2002 ::: :

Added a counter at the bottom of the page. :D

: ::: August 25, 2002 ::: :

DDD Games and this homepage have all moved to a new hosting site, Feature Price. It's already happened, so don't worry about any downtime. What this means is that the MP3's are now on-line! Also there is the possibility for a few surprised down the road.

Here's some more info on the port of SABA that Fat-Rat is working on. He's using SDL, so not only will we see a Win32 version of our favorite game, but possibly BeOS, MacOS and Linux versions as well. It all depends, of course, on getting ahold of these environments, and time.

: ::: August 10, 2002 ::: :

With the way our game has been received to the internet public, I have decided to re-introduce the Chronicles page which will list a few of the cool things we find out about our game. I also added a News button to the re-worked menu. The SABA logo is still clickable to return here.

Thanks to Fat-Rat, we will soon have the mp3'd music hosted on his server space! They should be up shortly!

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