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Breath in, breath out...

Song Title Composer Time Tracked MP3
I See It Now "Mesonyx"
Jon Dal Kristbjornsson
7:25 Fast Tracker II MP3
Continuum "The Lemming"
Liam Hesse
5:24 Scream Tracker 3 MP3
Tearing Up SpaceTime "The Lemming"
Liam Hesse
3:44 Scream Tracker 3 MP3
Inner Walls Released "Blackwolf"
Bobby Tamburrino
5:39 Scream Tracker 3 MP3
Costumed "Irrelevant"
Christopher Emerle
7:53 Fast Tracker II MP3
Simple Song "Windsinger"
Scott Emerle
2:25 Fast Tracker II MP3
All tracked songs zipped together

What does "Tracked" mean? Want to know how the music was written? Check out the faq!

The MP3's have been zipped to prevent streaming from our non-streaming server. If your browser displays these files as garbadge, right click (MAC: Hold down OPTION and click the lightning-bolt logo) and "Save Target As" to download.

All of these songs are playable in the latest version of WinAMP since it now natively supports many popular MOD formats, including Scream Tracker 3 (.ST3) and Fast Tracker II (.XM).

Super ACiD Block Attack is © 2002 Dungeon Dwellers Design and Jason Pimble
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