Millionaire's Club - 1 million point scores and above
Outstanding ACiD Achievers - 999,000 - 400,000
Honorable Mentions - 399,000 and below

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The Millionaire's Club
Name Score Rows Hints
George Baras 2,832,200 631 Put the blocks first in the left side.Then try to keep your blocks horizontial.Don't do hills!!!
Fredrik Hedblad 2,784,100 630 First try to do as many Tetris as possible until you reach a Level that you think is faster than your skills.. then keep the game as low and FLAT as you possibly can. Always start on level 0 if you want a high score and (or) many lines. Don't use Level 9 if you are not using it for practice. Always remember.. "Practice is the key to a higher score"
Wibbit And Wabbit 1,927,300 459 Forever And Ever! Never Give Up! AcIds don't help, pure Water does!
Steve Krogman 1,753,700, 442 Go for as many tetris's as possible upto level 20 (25 for the more experienced player). Build up a wall leaving a line for a stick to complete a tetris or 2. Anything higher then this leave "2" lines to put any disscarded pieces to bring the stack down slightly. After level 20 or 25 go for lines keeping the board as low to the ground as possible! Don't get too greedy! Unless you can sneak in a tetris. DONOT build for 2 tetris's!
Paul Grimes 1,756,800 400 Listen to the music and relax. Get as many tetrises as possible. When the speed gets too fast, keep the level as low as possible.
Bernard Skrlep 1,680,700 467 Start with level 0. Until 20 level risk and wait for only four lines. Then try to go to the bottom and stay there as long you can. If there is a chance to make four lines, go for it, but not if necessary. Only with practise you become good and fast... Practise and pray for sticks!
Michael L. Siegel 1,573,800 440 Chopin's nocturnes never fail me... also try mozart piano sonatas. Think about anything but the game.
D. Miyamoto 1,551,800 375 Start on level 0 and only try to clear 4 lines at a time for as long as you can. Relax, play some comforting music and practice, practice, practice.
Jonathan Turner 1,508,900 409 If possible put on the Smashing Pumpkins CD "Twilight to Starlight" The first few songs get me into a good mood. When "Tales of a Scorcher Earth" comes on I am on about line 370 and it gets my blood pumping and it makes me go ballistic when I play Acid Tetris.
Peter 1,402,400 352 The best approach for the game is global vision - stare at the centre of the screen and practice viewing both the shape falling and the lie of the blocks below without moving your eyes - only then can you achieve success at the high levels.
Will Smith 1,380,300 423 Start at level 0 and focus on getting "tetris'". After the speed gets to fast for you survive by keeping blocks as low as possible. The sides are the hardest to move a piece to, so places pieces there first.
Diogo L. Oliveira 1,337,400 333 Pratice is the key to perfection...
Brian Smith 1,272,500 360 Pace yourself to allow yourself the best possible score.
Jono 1,240,200 396 Relax in the Safety of your own Delusions! If I can't whup it, I'll go DOWN! Give me Slack, or give me food, or kill me! Too much is ALWAYS better than not enough! PULL THE WOOL OVER YOUR OWN EYES!
Jeremy Wall 1,237,100 353 Keep working at hand-eye coordination. push yourself, but don't go over your comfort line while playing. never give up on getting tetris'...When you think it's going too fast to get more, move your hole to the middle of the screen. Take doubles and triples where you can get them at the higher levels, as they are worth much more than two or three singles, respectively.
Mamouns NAIM 1,208,800 260 Don't give up, always try to get 100% tetris.
Endre Selvsberg 1,200,000 263 Just keep one side open for the long one, it will pay off! But keep at least one backup plan, just in case! If you can`t get BIG points early, the game will get too fast for you to beat the highscores. Go for a perfect start, with only dropping four lines at a time, then try to stay calm as long as possible.
Craig Chu 1,137,200 272 Don't try to keep the stack low (contrary to what others might tell you). Keep going for the four lines at a time if you think there is even a chance. If you're conservative, you'll never get a monster score before the overly fast levels. If you're greedy, you'll occasionally get monster scores. Take your pick: never or occasionally.
James Chiu 1,130,600 282 I have a three part strategy: 1) Prior to playing I put lots of saline solution in my eyes so I do not have to blink 2) I visualize the day when my name will be on the millionaire's club list 3) I change seating positions when my ass gets numb so as to maintain proper blood flow
Brian "Hi Shelly" Nease 1,122,000 272 Keep the pressure low by not worrying about your score. Relax and always be ready when a string of like pieces comes along.
Niyosha Vazirzadeh 1,108,000 291 I've found that trying to beat your own high score is a lot harder than trying to eliminate a friend's from the high score page. Oh, and a good girlfriend rooting for you helps too. Stick around for the fast levels, that's where the points are.
Tachyon 1,089,000 331 Circle strafe around your opponent, gently tenderizing him with the chaingun, before turning him to a fine red mist with a well-placed rail through the left eyeball.
Matej Skrelp 1,063,700 379 Practise and don't give up!!!
Adam Rutkowski 1,039,500 277 I like to leave one column along either side open until a long, straight piece comes and I can eliminate four rows at once.  I also try to plan ahead so that when the stack gets too high, I have a way to lower the stack without a straight piece and still keep an open column on the side.
Jason Boyle 1,017.6000 336 Keep the left side open for the tetris whenever possible, and completely ZONE OUT.
John "JKMF" Hucker 1,005,800 344 Listen to Belle & Sebastion.

Outstanding ACiD Achievers
Name Score Rows Hints
John Gillies 988,200 261 I just like to try to Kick off all of my friends high scores, and I find that gives me the extra motivation I need to win.....
Matej Skrlep 983,600 346 Practise, practise and don't give up!!!
Jeff Surdilla 973,200 359
Troy Byrne 973,000 348 Relax, keep your "rotating key" finger limber, and fall into the Acid Zone...
J. Shimmin 933,200 284
Gavin 928.700 346 Go for the tetris. When it gets fast make your brain go just as fast.
Jeff Surdilla 886,900 283 Use the force.
Andrej Skrelp 871,700 340
Colin Hinde 837,300 243 Start around level 6 because before that the points are insignificant, and frustration becomes probable as the urge for four lines causes early deaths. When the speed get ridiculously fast, I like to create a diagonal slope on the board from upper right to lower left because of the fact that the pieces start closer to the right side. Always leave at least one plateau for the squares, and avoid deep chasms when not going for four lines
John E. Gray 831,300 285 Play as much as you can but don't lose your job over it!
John E. Gray 828,300 333 At first start at level 0 and keep trying to stack four lines at a time until you can, then just stay at the bottom and try to survive. Try not to make any mistakes that would prevent a line or you're screwed.
Ebola 813,600 332 Just remember one thing: Having a life is infinitely more complicated than playing Tetris.
Junko 788,000 318
Anders Knudsen 756,000 313 Get so into the game that when you walk down the street, you start making like tetris pieces, trying to interlock with people in your way. You'll lose friends, but you'll be all over the game. Word!
Girn Chuah 724,100 268 Lots of concentration and courageous required to get a good result. Play hard and work hard!!!
George William Pirtle the 3rd 712,400 305 Get as many tetris's as possible and always keep your eye on the next piece.
Charlotte Gonzalez 710,400 278 Don't concentrate on your score because that in itself is a distraction. I usually play with the sound off.
Xatzidakis Dionysis 705,300 317 Just have your mind on screen, be cool and when the speed will be high try to keep down the blocks.
Brad Wallace 688,500 205 just keep getting the tetris and your score will soar.
Peter Kuo 667,500 245 Don't sweat it when playing the game. Stay calm and you'll do just fine.
Xgmas 660,900 208
April Weeks 649,700 293 It also helps to play for hours on end, ignoring trivial things like eating, sleeping or personal hygiene.
Emanuela Colombo 640,800 309 Don't stop to play, play 3 or 4 times to day .. or more
Mark Wynar 626,600 217 Only go for tetrises until things get too fast. Once things get too fast, just go for small combos. Most important, stay calm!
Ivana Kazenski 626,100 222 Enjoy. My secret is in talking to others while playing. If I get concentrated score is deminuent. SOCIAL with others while you are playing and you will be the winner! C. U. soon with 3 mil.
Jari Herranen 613,700 304 Practice...and keep the lines real low for as long as possible.
Andrew Zitnay 606,500 302 I guess I just go for tetrises until the lines hit about 150, then concentrate on just keeping the game going.
Ris Misner 600,200 288 Always make the best move!
Angela 583,100 254 Partake in the herbal toking untill you think you can't play at all.  Then fire the game up, turn off the lights, pick some cool music and jam!
Jad Mouracadé 576,600 259 Empty your mind!
Randall Osborne 565,000 270 Eat your little fingers first..... The blood makes a slippery surface and they only get in the way.
Mark Webster 560,300 265 Play "Costumed", overdose on caffienne, and listen to George Baras at the top there. Turn off your targeting computer, put your blast shield down and use the force, Luke.
David Lo 559,500 215 One needs to learn to rotate the pieces correctly (avoid overrotation) to place the pieces in the faster levels. Also, when in trouble, don't push the pieces down since the speed of placing the pieces seems to be independent of the score.
Octavio Alvarez 559,200 251
Super Snake 551,400 287 Try to find a balance between keeping the stack low and getting tetrisses. As you can tell by my score, I did not get enough tetrisses.
Daniel Gabbay 541,800 252
Anders 518,800 264 Just keep saying "word up" whenever you get a four liner, and you won't be able to stop.
Q-Ball 513,700 240 Play a lot! I recommend listenng to the "Tearing up Space-Time" or "Simple Song" track, they help me concentrate. Also, never use the down key when you are above Level 12, it gets a lot faster after that. Finally, don't try to keep the stack small, you can get some quickie 2-liners and 3-liners if the stack is in the middlish.
James Williams 513,600 251
JennIfer Goodman 509,300 161 EatIng acId whIle playIng the game greatly Improves your score
Jason Pimble 500,500 182 Starting on a higher level gets you bigger points than starting on lower levels.
Kathleen Zitnay 496,400 271 go slow and don't move one block until your sure that the first block is down. Always try to get more than one line in at a time. When you play just HAVE FUN!
Sissel Irene Porten 493,300 187 Go for Tetris (four rows) all the time, but know your limits. Play the music you like. (I prefer 'Continuum' because it makes me calm and consentrated.) The more you play, the better you get! Know where to put the next piece before pushing the down-button when you play on the higher levels, or you'll soon get a piece in a place you didn't want it... Start on a higher level. ( I start on level 5) It's a good idea to keep all the columns at about the same level, or you might suddenly be in need of a lot of yellow pieces...
Rosane Slosman 492,200 251
Antoine 491,500 269
David Watson 476,800 228 Just sit back, relax breath slowly, and feel the vibe run through you.........
David Cunningham 468,700 191 No hard way to become good at tetris, its no secret - just spend a couple of hours at the game and you just keep getting better. I start at level 5 as anything below this is anoyingly slow and makes me impatient so I F@#$ it up! Keep practicing.
Doug Jennings 457,600 231 The key to high scoring is the correct method of preparation. Buy a Hootie and the Blowfish album. Break it. Get your hands on an old Soul Asylum album. Destroy it. After sufficiently unleashing your rage, you should be in a state of near tranquility. Use this to your advantage. Play ACiD Tetris. Score High. Then go bowling.
Marcel Poisot 450,000 170 I get my highest scores after getting into arguments with my ex-girlfriend Valerie. Thanx Val.!
Dr. Watson 441,200 185 It's an honor just to be nominated...
Crying Mask 432,600 231 Find out what makes you good. If you're better calm and collected, put on "Continuum" or "I See It Now". If you're better when you're hyped up, listen to "Costumed" or "Tearing Up SpaceTime". Early on, go for Tetrises. As the game speeds up, make sure you have a place to put each block. Go for small scores, because the Tetris block comes less often than you think it does
Tony Erlain 430,500 170
Robert Tokunaga 429,000 255 Try to get bulk Tetrises early. When the game speeds up, don't worry 'bout getting bulk lines; just try to stay alive and get one line at a time. Also, don't try to get a high score; you'll psyche yourself out and throw your keyboard at the monitor. Just have fun!
Hart Hill 421,300 260 What I do, ya' see, is start the game, then I try to get into a trance like state. That way, I'm not actually there to screw things up. My fingers play the game for me!
Tessa Lynch 419,800 249
Chris Phinehas 406,400 162 Just play it and have fun. Afterall, it's just a game right?.....

Honorable Mentions
Name Score Rows Hints
Tabasco 390,100 163
Emanuela Colombo 376,100 230 Don't stop to play, play 3 or 4 times to day .. or more
Matt Werner 368,500 244 Keep the lines low! Whatever you do, don't become a stingy bastard and try and go for too many tetris' as you progress through the levels.
Josh Lee 363,400 217 Pay attention to what comes next and just stay calm!!
Niraj Gupta 351,400 156 Just keep playing. Have fun and beat scors. Start at a high level.
John Sabastian 350,200 229 Just space out with the game; no practice is neccesary, just let youself do it on instinks.
Shea Bliss 339,200 212 Pull Tetris' until about level 5, then keep 'er low. Oh yeah, and it helps if you're partner is being a schmuck. *venting on Tetris is good* =)
Ivan 335,900 219 Playing the game is the only way to get high scores. the more you play the faster and more experienced you become and the better scores you get.
Christine Koch 334,500 216 Keep an eye on what's coming!
Betsy Ford 334,100 200 All I have to say is that to succeed at any tetris game you have to get as many tetrises/4 lines at a time as possible.
Rick Joyce 331,800 149
Zane 322,800 184 Gettin' Jiggy WidIt!!!
Lauren 318,100 123 First, I put the game into a higher level, then I start off trying to get as many tetris'  as I can. Personally, I find playing classical music in the background relaxes my nerves and allows me to focus on the game more optimally.
Sun Chaser 317,200 185
Alan Bomba 316,400 211 Instead to try highist possible points, try to get the highest possible lines. It fun........
Derrick Kunze 310,900 151 Look at what the next piece is going to be and use it to your advatage.
Tom Lao 304,500 149
Bob Barnes 300,700 173 Key is to practice and have patience.
Michael Beard 306,100 215
Jessica Fox 297,600 166 Keep praying for the yellow tetris pieces!!!
Jeffrey S. Carpenter 296,900 215 Concentrate!
Gwizdak 294,400 125
Ryan Kairer 293,900 126 Clear your Mind and focus on the bet possible position for the piece to set, pay attention to what piece is next and set your self up for a better score
Wil' 291,200 132 Start On The Highest Level First. Then just focus mentally to not build up your pieces.
Sandra 276,700 185 Complete concentration, no distractions. (and psychotic fanaticism helps)
Varjak 276,300 101 In addition to keeping one open column on the end, make sure you always have level ground for squares and uneven ground for "S"-blocks.  Also, forget about the computer's music; put Rush or The Alarm or something equally good into the CD player and listen to that instead.
Romulous Pop 275,200 135 You have to be relaxed. The start is the point of doing good in the end. So try having a good start by clearing 4 lines continuosly.
Joe Dallaire 272,800 191 I can't tell you the secret to the game, just stay on your toes!
Eric Brewer 266,700 178
Eva Johansson 259,900 184 Just keep playing...and playing..and playing.
Izzy 254,600 126 Start at Level 9.  Try to keep it low as the levels get higher.  On level 16 or 17 don't worry about getting doubles or anything.  Just try to get singles.  By then they are worth a lot.  Listen to the music.  Stay calm.  If you can help it do not use the down button.  (I have a habit of that.)  Use all your time.   
Cyrollan 253,400 171
Rodrigo Montechiari 251,300 193 I thought i was good.. but now I know that I have to pratice it more than i'm doing. But that's the point: listen to the music, get four lines and relax!!!
Larry Davis 250,400 189 All you have to do is not think and lissten to fast up beat music to get you in the mood.
Martin Linford 249,400 191 Take it easy.  A lot depends on your state of mind.  Only play when calm and in control.  And don't look at the score or level, it'll only scare you.
Greg 248,600 197
Marcelo S. Reis 240,300 116 Tetris is my life. I'm a brazilian boy, and I play this game every day. Last night, I dream with Tetris...
Frank Daelemans 237,800 186 don't watch the score, it only makes you nervous. Try to eliminate as many rows simultaneously as possible 4, 3 or 2) in the beginning of the game, but if the blocks are piling up too high (more than halfway), eliminate them, even if you have to do it one row at the time. At higher levels, just try to survive as long as possible and keep one eye on the next piece, trying to plan where to drop it before it is entered in the game
Joan Melville 236,000 188 Practice and then Practice some more.
Scottie 232,800 186 I just wait until I am real tired to play and don't think about what I'm doing.
James "SlantEye" Wu 229,500 181 Learn which way the pieces will rotate, setup for as many Tetris as you can while voiding leaving "holes" in the stack, and remember to breathe.
Crispin Boylan 228,200 157 Get as many Tetris's as you can, always go for them instead of 1,2 and 3 liners!!
Tom "The Brick" Gobrick 226,000 184 Keep cool and look ahead!!! Sometimes you must bite the bullet and leave a gap or two.
Chris Corciega 223,300 173 Don't stop when you're in a groove, and that includes food, washroom breaks, and your parents calling you.  Also, if the computer owes you a yellow piece because it has given you one in a while, tell it.
Jacob Toft 221,600 137 Put the volume to max, and forget the world around you.
Mark Compton 221,200 188 Think ahead, take into account what block is next, and don't be afraid to make sacrifices.
Gary 220,200 108 : Start on level 8 or 9, never get a stack that needs more than 2 yellows to drop
Derrick Kunze 219,900 132 Always leave a space for the crooked pieces and a flat space for the squares and you should do fine.
Brian "Boodles" Rainey 211,900 166 Play, play, play.  The more you play the better you get.  A relative novice will be a pro in no time.  I find yelling at the little smiley guy in the corner sometimes convinces it to give me the pieces I need.
Skool2 210,800 178
Jae Jr. 210,500 174 Too much radical movement gets you in trouble most of the time.
Samuel David Holder 209,100 178 Play Everyday.
Tom 209,000 176
Claudia 204,000 172 Keep calm.
Scott Emerle 200,500 104 Don't worry about getting high-row counts, concentrate on keeping the row-height as low as possible.
Lord Drecon 197,300 164 Just pile the bricks.
Robby D. 191,900 153 Listen to music that you like best and just play and play and play.... until your good nothing comes easy unless you practice.
Josh Lee 181,300 168 Look at what is coming next it really helps when you get to the faster levels.
Sara 176,900 158
Senju 165,900 142
Ken Roberts 165,700 89 Be deaf, dumb and blind. Listen to Tommy while playing
Fordley 164,000 154 In the beginning try to get as many true Tetris's (4 lines at once) as you can. Around level eight or so, start playing your pieces horizontally so they don't stack up so fast, and concentrate on getting 1 or 2 lines at a time.
Kenneth Melton 157,700 133
Matt Woloszyn 151,600 151 Lots of practice and keep the lines real low for as long as possible.
Wahid Amerkhail 140,700 80 Start with level 9 and work your way up. Also, put all the pieces on one side and leave one whole row with nothing on it and when those long yellow pieces come, shove them down there and watch those blocks fly!
Katie 140,000 131
Rodrigo Parimoski 138,100 131
Ryan 133,000 147
Michele La Croix 132,100 140 If you can just block out everything that's going on around you and try to plan, you can move on up there, no sweat. If I, a grandmother, can do it - anyone can.
AKoRn13 127,700 137 If you can,keep the stack low.If you get a piece that doesn't fit right,that put it in the lowest place you can find,and then no longer concentrate on clearing the bottom rows,work on the highest rows.Then,after you get them cleared start back up on the lower part.And....Always have the music helps.
Pyro 126,300 74 Practice, practice, and i'm sure this comes as a big surprise:  PRACTICE! Having the music on helps greatly. The less distractions the better.
Daniel Grant 125,800 129
Sebastian A. Dalman 120,600 127
Dave Hargreaves 118,600 126 Become one with the game.
Buddyxx69 117,200 127
Jonas 117,000 126 Become one with the game.
Daniel Ray 116,200 102 Start on a higher level and really concetrate. Let your fingers control the keys not your mind. Most important is to pick the right music for you.
Brain 102,300 66
Super ACiD Block Attack is © 2002 Dungeon Dwellers Design and Jason Pimble
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